CHAPBOOKS But No Lit Mag This Year

Dearest Family

We at Bateau Press have been thinking things over, confronting the hard truth that there is no way we can publish a Bateau Lit Mag in the year of the plague, lost revenue from AWP & COA, and hope to survive.  So: BATEAU PRESS IS NOT GOING TO PUBLISH A LIT MAG IN 202O.  We will publish a Lit Mag in 2021 once the world is sane again.  Will it be sane again?

The entire literary landscape might dissolve. Magazines and small presses might become smoke. We are lucky that we have student labor and institutional support but who knows what the next five years will look like. Bateau might die five years from now, or a decade from now, but for the time being, WE WILL LIVE. We will run the chapbook contest in the fall. Instead of relying on outside designers and printers, we will bring the letterpress printing and design of our chaps and lit mags onto the COA campus. This has always been the plan, now we are fast-forwarding.  We will be more ruthless in our exploitation of student labor. ((the kids love it!!!))

We will also reenvision what it means to publish a lit mag in the post COVID-19 landscape. We might become a record label. We might become a dreamscape or a seagull. Check out what Sleeperhold Publications is up to.  Whatever we become it will be a physical object, it will have to do with creating art that affirms life, and it will be beautiful. Most likely a lit mag but a seagull would be fucking awesome!




We Canceled Everything.

We canceled our flights, our place to stay, our searching for the perfect taco in San Antonio. Bateau runs on student energy and the students were up for the trip but we live in a small tight community. We were looking out for ourselves as well as for everyone who we care about over here. SO. We are having a huge sale on all the stuff we would be selling at AWP: all chapbooks $7 and free shipping in the USA and all territories. all lit mags $6 and free shipping in the USA and all territories.** Just hit the correct button here and choose the title of chapbook or issue of Lit Mag and you’re good to go!

**International orders…add $2 for shipping ((shout out to Better Off Dead paperboy))

find other presses offering discounts by using:  #AWPvirtualbookfiar,  #virtualbookfair  on your twitter.

Buggery Presale

WINNER of the Bateau 2019/2020 BOOM Chapbook Contest

Derek Berry’s Buggery

 BUGGERY investigates queer desire, loneliness, & joy in the rural south. Buggery is a coming out, a celebration, and a reckoning, with poems about the messiness of pleasure, mothman, St. Sebastian, queer ANGER, cruising, sloppy want, sadness, and the sugar crash of heartbreak. Inventive & exuberant, Derek’s work strikes a tightrope balance between exploring desire & death, a political & fierce & filthy shudder of poems.

 Praise for Derek Berry’s Buggery:

Derek Berry’s Buggery haunts— and is haunted by— the rural south. These are poems graceful and violent, aching and unbowed… hard to peg as light shifting through cypress groves.”  —Adam Houle, author of Stray

 “The evolution of Derek Berry’s poetry has been a revelation in recent years. The poet writes here about sexuality and queerness with a fresh, unmitigated voice, proven to be one of Carolina’s best and most enduring. All of us become more enlightened as Derek follows this fearless poetic path”                — Len Lawson, author of Chime



Derek Berry is a writer, teaching artist, and literary organizer. They are the author of the novel Heathens & Liars of Lickskillet County, as well as two previous poetry chapbooks Skinny Dipping with Strangers and Glitter Husk. Derek is the co-founder of the literary non-profit The Unspoken, which provides accessible and innovative literary programming throughout Charleston County. They also work with Contribute Your Verse, a creative consulting agency, and host the Contribute Your Verse podcast. They live in Aiken, South Carolina, where they work during the day in a historic curation facility. They eat too much pasta & like to catch ghost Pokémon.

((Buggery will be published on March 5th, 2020.  All preorders will ship out after that date))


Finalists 2019/2020 Boom Chapbook Competition

Depressed on Sundays by Howie Good

Alien Epistles by Amie Whittemore

Pretty Things by Jane Lewty

The Young-Girl by Rachael Arrighi

The Day I Quit Western Art Music: First-Hand Accounts of the Performance & Pedagogy of Mozart’s Violin Concerto #5 by Clare Harmon

Child-not-yet by Megan Merchant

Buggery by Derek J Berry

John Brown Is In the Trees by Andy Powell

Gourd Full of Bees by Eileen Rush

Autobiodegraded by James D’Agostino

The Errant Knight by Katie Quinnelly


We are just getting our submission manager up to speed with updates and the like. ((FYI: as of September 2, 9pm eastern the submissions manager is up and ready)).  We will be accepting chapbook manuscripts until November 1st.  If you are curious to check out some of the chaps we’ve published over the last fifteen or so years, go to our chaps page…HERE.   If you are ready to submit your work, please first stop by the contest page.  Read about what we are looking for for the BOOM Chapbook Contest.